Projects we do

At KEIN.ORG we have developed a wide range of projects over the past 10 years. Most of them are situated at the crossing points of migration and new media, networking and campaigning, art and activism. KEIN key projects explore the role borders play, and question what restricted and unrestricted locality, mobility and freedom of movement may mean today.


DICTIONARY OF WAR is a collaborative platform for creating concepts on the issue of war, to be invented, arranged and presented by scientists, artists, theorists and activists at public, two-day events. In 2008, the DICTIONARY OF WAR proceeded with a fifth edition that took place on January 25 and 26 in Novi Sad (Serbia). As a co-production between KUDA.ORG and Multitude e.V. it continues a series of events in Frankfurt, Munich, Graz and Berlin. So far 125 "concept persons" have been invited to create key concepts that either play a significant role in current discussions of war, have so far been neglected, or have yet to be created.

Museum of the Stealing of Souls

The Museum of the Stealing of Souls is devoted to histories of the invention, appropriation and reconfiguration of the subject by photography. The museum holds a fast growing collection organized in seven departments. The exhibits on show are reflecting alleged histories of soul-theft and surveillance, soullessness and alienation, immaterial production and precariousness -- loosely based on the question: Where can a soul live its life instead of saving it?
The Museum of the Stealing of Souls (MoSS) has opened its doors to the public on July 19th, 2008. It is hosted by manifesta7 and operates as one of the mini-museums of the exhibition in Trento curated by Anselm Franke and Hila Peleg.

V2V Video syndication network

V2V is a video distribution network based on peer-to-peer distribution. Started in summer 2003 V2V combines the advantages of peer-to-peer file sharing systems (currently supported: bit torrent, ed2k, magnet) with a truly cross-platform open source multimedia codec (OGG theora) and open content licensing. V2V is a software bundle which consists of a transcoding program (ffmpeg2theora), a bit torrent based upload client (v2v-upload-client), A backend server that keeps the content available on the peer-to-peer networks (v2v-server), a PHP module to to integrate V2V into the content management system "Drupal" (v2v-module).

SUMMIT non-aligned initiatives in education culture

Two weeks before the G-8 meeting in 2007, a wide range of projects, initiatives and protagonists from the fields of art, culture and political activism gathered in Berlin for SUMMIT non- aligned initiatives in education culture. SUMMIT is a forum for questioning and changing some of the fundamental terms of the debate around education, knowledge production and information society. Beyond the widespread lament about the crisis in education, there are numerous initiatives converging around "education." Recognizing that education is equally a platform for cultural actualization and self organization, these initiatives range from free academies and exhibitions as educational modes to ad-hoc initiatives within social, political and cultural organizations. Parallel to these developments, many initiatives are taking place within or at the margins of institutions that work against the grain of their official modes and expand, rather than defy, existing aims.


"The love of cinema also means knowing what to do with images that are really missing." (Serge Daney) MISSING IMAGE has been a movie archive and a video rental store in Munich Schwabing. From the opening in August 2004 to the closing in April 2008 it served as a local meeting point at the crossroads of critical movie culture, arthouse, and independent film.
The project will continue and currently operates as a multi-user blog featuring text compilations and a wide range of news-feeds.


"make world" is a unix command used to completely update an operating system. It's designed to follow the latest developments once local sources are synchronized. Typing "make world" in the command line initiates a rebuilding and renewal of the whole system while it's running. The make world festival took place, in Munich, from October 18th to the 21st, 2001. Dealing with subjects such as migration, immaterial labor, tactical media and art in networking environments the event aimed to track new forms of subjectivity carried out by current modifications of the world that, until recently, were characterized as "infotization", "digitization" and "globalization". The make world festival was continued in a series of follow up events, such as NEURO -- networking europe in 2004 or Borderline Academy in 2006. Parallel to these events four issues of the make world paper have been produced and printed in a circulation of 10,000 hard copies.


D-A-S-H is an internet plattform and a support service for young people engaged in creating a world free of discrimination and racism. It was established by the media education institute JFF e.V. in collaboration with Multitude e.V. and developed in a three year pilot project phase from 2002 until 2005 with support from the Youth Program of the European Union (2002-2005) and the German Ministery for Family Affairs, Seniors, Women and Youth with its funding program Entimon (2002-2006) and continues its basic hosting and support services until today. D-A-S-H supports and connects groups and individuals in Europe who are either already active or want to get started and provides access to knowledge and resources which enable active groups to deal with the media independently and in an manner suited to their own needs. D-A-S-H connects political commitment with media education know-how in a single project on the net and beyond. D-A-S-H used to offer workshops, consultings, in depth research, hosting services and software development and still hosts more than 200 youth groups from all over Europe.